Cortex Labs LLC is a multinational company with representatives in Europe !

Cortex Labs LLC company is intended to operate in the US market.
MELimpex GmbH company is intended to operate in the European market from Frankfurt AM/Germany.
Cortex Labs d.o.o. company is intended to operate in the West Balkan market.

We have different kinds of products in our assortment:

1. Natural remedies based on honey – Primed
2. Natural cosmetics – Primederma

Our products are present in next countries:

1. United States of America
2. Europe
3. Serbia

Our products consumers can buy online, in pharmacy and in retail chains of supermarkets.
We are pleased to introduce new buyers and suppliers!
We have 4 retail BIO pharmacy shops in Belgrade and a wholesale department with a big pharmacy network in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

If You are interested in cooperation, please contact us:

Cortex Labs LLC
Stanko Nikolic
General manager